Why Smart Settles? Our Specialities

  • Apartment

    Differentiate yourself from the competition as a choice for students living near university.Put an end to emails, phone calls with our unique dashboard to track the applicants.

  • Utilities

    Gain access to Millions of students living near universities. List the plans and cut down your marketing costs.

  • Students

    Live with your community. Lease your home which is on bus route and preferred by local students. Don't search anymore, just settle down with ease.

Settle before you arrive !!

Smart Settles is a one stop solution for students. It is a free online market place that connects students with apartment leasing agents and service providers.
University enrolled students can search for the apartments nearby their school which is on bus route/within biking or walking distance. It is a web based platform
that is built on advanced algorithmic program and functionality which helps its users to instantly lease the apartment by directly connecting with lease owners through one-one chat interface system. For utilities (electricity/internet/mobile connection), it helps students to browse through all plans near their respective location and enables them to compare quickly through graphic charts thereby purchasing them online. Finally, with just one click, they can connect with apartment owners, electricity, internet and mobile network connection providers and can settle before they arrive.