Smart Settles was created by two prospective renters in 2017. When the founders were renters, it took them 5 days to lease the best apartment along with the utilities. They struggled very hard to understand all the nuances of internet connection, electricity usage, renters insurance and other utility bills while renting an apartment. They realized that it's high time that we have all these services in one single platform and hence created this one stop solution - Smart Settles. With the help of Smart Settles, you can discover, lease and pay for all the apartment and utilities services without much effort. Common, be a part of our smart vision and SETTLE BEFORE YOU ARRIVE.





Apartment Leasing

Discover and lease local rentals with transparency, ease, and simplicity.

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Customized Electricity and Internet plans for your apartment

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Special Offers

Smart Settles offers you many cashback deals on few apartments and utilities deals. Hurry up!


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