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Freuently Asked Questions


If I switch to a new rate, will the quality/reliability of my service change?

No, as the utility that maintains the infrastructure that feeds electricity into your home or business will not change. Your local utility will still be responsible for maintaining (and repairing) the lines that provide you with electric service. For example, if you have a power outage, your power won’t come back on any slower or quicker because you switched providers.


What should I know before switching the provider?

It's important to note that switching before your current contract expires could result in early termination fees. Know your contract's expiration date so you can ensure your switch happens the next day — and not before. However, if you are terminating your contract because you are moving out of the supplier's service area, you may be able to get out of any cancellation fees — just check your contract's terms and conditions to be sure.


When should I switch?

When you realize that you are paying more than what you have to for the energy you use, take the charge of your electricity bill. First use our tool in the “Browse the plans” section and switch to the supplier who offers the lowest price, or choose a supplier who provides a specific service you want, such as solar, or renewable energy plans.


I don’t have SSN, can I still purchase a plan?

Yes, absolutely!! But, please remember that you will be charged more deposit than the people with SSN. Smart Settles in association with Compare power is trying our best to get the best rates for people with no/poor credit history. Please check our website for more details